"Univision" Produced by Univision

For their 30th anniversary Promo, Univision called upon Steve to create a night, party atmosphere for their large, town square set built on Stages A & B at Greenwich Studios in Miami, Florida.

"Tan Mist" Produced by Hawthorne Direct

Skillfully blending silks, lame's & 18K HMI's with the sun's changing light, Steve creates a natural look to complement Cindy Margolis on the set of "Tan Mist" in San Diego, California.

"Lawn-Boy" Produced by Hawthorne Direct

Shooting a Lawn-Boy commercial with world renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus, at his home in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"Mixed Signals" Produced by Victoria Arias and Judy Wales

Using a state of the art camera car and process trailer in Tuxedo, New York, for the daylight driving scenes in “Mixed Signals”. Later we would take on Manhattan under the stars for the night driving scenes.

"Sunspots" Produced by Hawthorne Direct

Shooting on Ft. Lauderdale Beach, Florida, last minute adjustments are made to balance the late afternoon light on the tanned actress as Director Randy, West; Key Grip, Dave Lotz and Gaffer Zoot Byrne look on.

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Resume       Reel       Bio       Productions       Contact