Steven Fraasa

Director of Photography

Steven Fraasa began shaping his career in cinematography over 25 years ago, first as a photographer and experimental filmmaker, then later gaining respect as a gaffer and lighting director. Today as a Director of Photography in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, he includes among his work award winning commercials and shorts as well as features films, infomercials and network television.

“Thank you for sharing your amazing craft with us all. Your peaceful soul and kind demeanor are inspiring.”

Maura Minsky, Co-Founder, Scenarios USA

Link to Kodak Interview with Steven Fraasa

“Thank you for your immense contribution as Director of Photography, where your legendary patience, professionalism and talent were greatly appreciated.”Gary Sales, Prod./Director, Screen Entertainment

“Steve is the top of my list of DP’s. He is creative, fast, collaborative and he delivers the goods. He runs a tight crew, while keeping everything friendly and positive. He listens, gives valuable insight and input and delivers on budget and on time.”

Randy West, Creative Director, Hawthorne Direct

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“Steve does outstanding work. He is a total pleasure to work with and a true craftsman. I’m a demanding director and Steve cares about giving me exactly what I want and he has the skills to do so. If you told me I could have a full time DP, I’d hire Steve in a minute.”

Ken Malloy, Prod./Director, Mumbleypeg Productions

“I have worked with Steve from coast to coast and from the very first time we worked together I realized he had a great eye. Steve is truly a pleasure to work with. He is always an anchor in the storm of production, able to provide cost effective, practical solutions without compromising his high standards. Steve gets my highest recommendation.”

Bob Lemlin, Producer, Hawthorne Direct

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